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Analogue – digital. A study of our common and individual world of figures
“Analogue – digital…”, is a feministic study of space, time and an intervention of how objects and situations can create architectural virtue. In the translation from analogue imageries to digital images, mental space is examined, and new physical spaces are created.

The project is a process between founder Agneta E Hildén and Wim Wiklund, who currently works as trainee at CINEARCHITECTURE.


LA Modulor Universe

There is an interpretation of our Universe. I studied science before artschool and tried to developed an female pount of veiw on science, our view on the world and universe

Today is an male context





LA MODULOR is about female proportions etc in the grammar in architecture, Of course in history the mens body and mind has been the issue. For example who I studied in Paris was Le Corbusier Vitruvius etc The old grammar in Architecture I call my study LA MODULOR The study is based on observations om my own body and mind and space and time. To me art and architecture connect more and more on an deeper plane inside the human as archetypes I will problematize the research with this examples image of paintings of LA MODULOR  but there is also connections in my architecture projects 

This is a part of LA Modulor Digital


From the study analogue - digital

Part of an interview made by Wim Wiklund about Agneta E Hildéns feministic practice on Architecture and Art

"Wim: The whole project is generated by drawings made by you in the early nineties. Only a couple of years after you graduated from the royal institute of Technology in Stockholm. Back then, what was your motivation, what made you start this investigation about the glass, the urban landscape and the concept of chaos for example?
Agneta: It was a post modernistic time and I think that I thought that the view on architecture was too much on the surface. I wanted a deeper view on it and i also wanted to do my research on a feministic practice so it’s a theoretical part of my work so I started to get deeper and deeper and transform ordinary historical architecture into my own point of view and feministic view."


VIDEO from groupexhibition in London Bulgary

Recent from London, Bulgary



La Modulor 

La Modulor it´s a study about how the female body naturally express in an male context, in architectural design but exception from our common history. Agneta´s interest for the body movements comes from her times as an young gymnast.

ODD Realism 

Odd Realism is a deep interest in odd realities. She is interested in what we human being have in common, in different gender, cultures, political system but she also view odd realities that makes us different from each other.




In the studio  in Victorian Dress the artist express her study LA Modulor The video was shown at Eskilstuna Konstmuseum first time last spring